Shape Shifter Mysteries

by I Am A Hexagon

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By the end of 2007, the wave of thoughtlessly destructive, machismo pumped, and cheap shock value driven scenegore cybergrind bands had become a full blown tsunami. Though my involvement in that scene was purely incidental and unwanted, I was still exposed to the worst of it, and it drove me up the wall.

Sometimes the best way to deal with something you hate, is to try to exercise some agency over it and gain a detailed understanding of how it works, so I wrote and recorded seven songs parodying the genre and attitude of the scene. To put it frankly, the results were objectively better than anyone I'd heard, though that doesn't make this EP objectively good :P

Yeah, you figured it out... The cyberscenegore project I Am A Hexagon was inadvertently performance art

I created a dreadful alter ego, Todd "Farmdestroyer" Denniston, a pompous, hardly-closet misogynist, scenester douchebro, and did my best to stay in character while using the account.
The unfortunate thing about mocking shitty behavior in the form of parody, is that I had to participate on any level. After about 100 myspace friend requests and some holier than thou bulletin posts, I completely gave up on doing anything else with the project and let it sit for a year or three before I said "hey, this was me. I didn't have the wherewithal to be as truly tasteless as the people I'm making fun of so my project was a failure. Oh well."

Weirdly, people became aware of the project, and some people took it upon themselves to promote the project without my name attached (perfect!)
I never did any upkeep, so it didn't turn into much, but I feel like overall I did a fairly good job of making something that was accepted by the audience it intended to chide, by way of creating work that was aesthetically and sonically adherent, while better than most or all of the alternatives.

This re-release has been re-mastered, and contains one track I accidentally cut from the original release.
This EP was written, recorded, and mixed in the span of less than one day.


released November 28, 2007

Todd "Farmdestroyer" Denniston - throat, guitar, breequencing

Art by Ashley VL



all rights reserved


Matthew "m@ the c@" Morden New Jersey

New Jersey based composer and performer, of Bubblegum Octopus, Almond Milks, Ultra Death Men, Hybegnu, and more.

Sorry, half of the stuff here is goofy as hell right now.

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